Helsinki Tattoo Convention by dan court

Having shot Canon digital since I first took up photography, I recently decided to invest in a 35mm Canon body. Nikon has usually been my go to brand for 35mm however the addition of a Canon EOS 1N would allow me to share all my canon EF lenses between my digital and analog cameras...and thus save me a hell of a lot of space when traveling. With the 50mm F1.2 in tow, I used the Helsinki Tattoo Convention as an opportunity to test out the new camera which turned out to be fucking dream to shoot with; solid build quality, ergonomic and comfortable with none of the bullshit features that come with most digital cameras these days. To top it off, it barely set me back £100. 

Canon EOS 1N + Canon 50mm F1.2, Kodak Tri-x 400 scanned with Epsom Perfection v800: